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Sea Moss & Chamomile Body Wash

Sea Moss & Chamomile Body Wash

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Our Sea Moss & Chamomile Body Wash is more than just a cleansing product—it’s a nourishing experience. Crafted to hydrate, protect, and rejuvenate your skin.


  • Intense Hydration: Our formula quenches your skin’s thirst, leaving it soft, supple, and refreshed.
  • Combat Acne and Inflammation: Perfect for all skin types, especially those dealing with eczema, acne, or dryness. The chamomile extract in our body wash actively targets acne breakouts, reducing bacteria and promoting clearer skin.
  • Oil Balance: Our Sea Moss Body Wash helps balance oil production, ensuring your skin feels neither too oily nor too dry.
  • Radiant Complexion: Regular use maintains a healthy complexion, giving you that natural glow you’ve been craving.
  • Barrier Protection: The Sea Moss Body Wash forms a protective shield, safeguarding your skin from environmental stressors and maintaining its natural barrier.


      Some batches might be slightly thinner or thicker than others as our products are handcrafted. This is not indicative of a formula change and will not affect performance in any way. Color may vary from batch to batch from due to natural color variations inherent in the herbs that we use


       Chamomile Water, Aloe Vera, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Coco Glucoside, Glycerin, Sea Moss, Rice Bran Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Chamomile, White Willow BarkVitamin E Oil,  Preservative 


      Disclaimer: **This product is not intended to treat or cure any medical condition. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, please read our list of ingredients and do not use if they may trigger a reaction. Discontinue use if any reaction occurs. Please consult with a healthcare provider if you have questions about a particular health condition. Information on this website has not been evaluated or approved by the Food & Drug Administration. **

      1 oz Boston Roun Bottle Maximum Recommended Trim Size: 3.9375 x 1.625 (w x h)

      1 oz Jar Maximum Recommended Trim Size: 4.9375 x 0.75 (w x h)

      2 oz Boston Round Bottle Maximum Recommended Label Trim Size: 4" x 1.75"

      2oz Jars Maximum Recommended Trim Size: 6 x 1 (w x h)

      4 oz Boston Round Bottle Maximum Recommended Label Trim Size: 5.875” x 2.25”

      4 oz Cosmo Round Bottle Maximum Recommended Trim Size: 4.75 x 3.625 (w x h)

      4 oz Jars Maximum Recommended Label Trim Size: 7.1875 x 1.5 (w x h)

      6 oz Cosmo Round Bottle Maximum Recommended Trim Size: 5.375 x 4.125 (w x h)

      8 oz Boston Round Maximum Recommended Label Trim Size: 6.875 x 3 (w x h)

      8 oz Cosmo Round Bottle Maximum Recommended Trim Size: 5.75 x 4.875 (w x h)

      8 oz Cylinder Bottle Maximum Recommended Label Trim Size: 5.875 x 5.25 (w x h)

      * Please check the measurements and template with your container to ensure the desired fit. It is the customer's responsibility to conduct proper product compatibility testing with containers.

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